It's About Time

If you have ever spent more that 5 minutes with me, it is fairly obvious that I love fitness. I have learned so much (sometimes the hard way) in the 30 years that I have been teaching. What better way to share my passion than to start a blog and pass on the information that I share with clients on a day-to-day basis.

Friday, May 11, 2012

The Ears Serve Many Purposes

I love my Thursday Abs and Chisel class.  There is just one problem.  I have a small head (not necessarily small brain) and I can't keep the microphone on my said small head.  Luckily I am genetically blessed with some very supportive ears.  They are great shelving units for my microphone.  I had to laugh at myself (not just because of my crazy hair) for having such handy ears.  It made me remember my boys when they started T-ball.  The hats were always too big and they were gifted with the same all-purpose ears.  Enjoy the pics.
This angle is a very kind one.  My ears were bent at almost at 90 degrees.

Could he be any cuter?  This is my son Mitch.  Got to love the ears.


  1. haha love the pics. Love your blog. I really need it right now. Thanks Lisa.

  2. Love the picture. But the Saylers hat reminded me of.....Wu's. But back to Sayler's. Mike and I planned on meeting a couple there one night, we drive up and the whole area had been bulldozed. Like it had been gone for a while. I don't know what makes me laugh more. Thinking of Kurt watching you walk out of Wu's or Mike and I stupidly sitting in the car looking at an empty lot! Oh boy