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If you have ever spent more that 5 minutes with me, it is fairly obvious that I love fitness. I have learned so much (sometimes the hard way) in the 30 years that I have been teaching. What better way to share my passion than to start a blog and pass on the information that I share with clients on a day-to-day basis.

Saturday, December 29, 2012

Practice what you Preach

I don't just talk about exercise, I do it.  I have to be an example.  My poor family doesn't have a chance.  I drag them with me every opportunity I get.  Yesterday I treated my husband and my sister to their first Tabata workout.   Yes, it is the one I posted earlier in the week.  We decided to perform the exercises in a foot of fresh powder instead of on hills and it was just as much fun.  I think the pictures will show that.  Good job Kurt and Landi.  

Dressed and ready.  Notice the happy faces.

After round two.

After round four.

Frog Jumps were their favorite

Landi doing her own version of a frog jump.  

Me multi-tasking.  Holding tabata timer, frog jumping and trying to keep  up with my hair.

This was Kurt and Landi after the workout.  They didn't realize that I was taking their picture

This was Landi and Kurt posing when they  thought I started taking pictures. 
I had so much fun. I look forward to having more of my family and friends visit so we can exercise together.

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  1. I still love these photos hahaha. Lisa, you are amazing. Your blog is so perfect for everyone...they just need to look at it!! I am going to be better at following it. Thank you for all that you put on here.