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If you have ever spent more that 5 minutes with me, it is fairly obvious that I love fitness. I have learned so much (sometimes the hard way) in the 30 years that I have been teaching. What better way to share my passion than to start a blog and pass on the information that I share with clients on a day-to-day basis.

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

There are Various Ways to "Hit" HIIT Training

First there is a difference between interval training and HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training).  They are similar in many ways utilizing different work-to-rest ratios and alternating in between the two but the big difference is intensity and also rest periods or lack of.  I am going to list a few different protocols for HIIT. Once you select your outline for work/rest then pick a few exercises and plug them in.  

HIIT Types
  1. Little Training-60 seconds work/75 seconds recovery
    1. Example:  Skater lunges/ curtsie squat
  2. Fartlek Training-speed play-varied timing 30/10, 20/20, 10/30
    1. Example:  Slow jumping jack out and in/ Flying jacks
  3. 30/30-Lower body/upper body/core
    1. Example:  Mountain climbers/push ups/plank
  4. 30/20/10-Swedish Method-Hard/harder/hardest
    1. Example:  Steady state run/temp run/sprint
  5. 12/8-Rest/work
    1. Example:  Frog step forward and back/Frog jump
  6. Tabata 20 sec work/10 sec rest
    1. Example:  Flying lunges/slow lunge touch
Examples of HIIT for every fitness level

1.  Beginner-1 minute walk/1 minute jog- 30/30 2 times a week
2.  Intermediate-1 minute jog/1 minute run-30/30 2-3X a week -20 minutes
3.  Advanced-all-out sprints 20 seconds followed by 1 minute jog Repeat for 20 minutes

Remember these type of workouts are not meant for every day and shouldn't last more than 20-35 minutes.  If you can go longer you are doing interval training not HIIT.   Have fun.  

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