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Thursday, June 16, 2011

Celebrate the 80's

I am having a proud parent moment. Please just tolerate me for a brief post.   Both of my boys play football and both of them wore #80.  Marcus, my oldest is still #80 and Mitch, my younger, is serving a church mission in Orlando, Florida.  Below is a post from a football fan. (No it wasn't me or his dad)

80 Days! Happy Marcus Mathews Day!

This was the scene of losing his spleen.  

Mitch.  His practice jersey was #23.  Redshirt 2009
By: Mitch Harper 
80 days till BYU vs. Ole Miss.  Today we look at a Wide Receiver/Tight End on this year’s squad.
Marcus Mathews, #80, Sophomore, Wide Receiver/Tight End
Last season, in a year where Mathews returned from an LDS mission, he was tops in receiving yards amongst BYU Tight Ends with 136 yards.  Until his season was cut short with a ruptured spleen injury suffered in the win against UNLV.
This year, Mathews will play Tight End, but is also expected to see many reps at the Wide Receiver spot.  Mathews was a heralded recruit out of Beaverton, Oregon.  The first ever 4-star Wide Receiver recruit from Oregon in’s history.
Historical #80′s

Marcus-Freshman 2010

Mitch-Las Vegas Bowl #80

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