It's About Time

If you have ever spent more that 5 minutes with me, it is fairly obvious that I love fitness. I have learned so much (sometimes the hard way) in the 30 years that I have been teaching. What better way to share my passion than to start a blog and pass on the information that I share with clients on a day-to-day basis.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Don't Let the Joke Be On You

The fitness and exercise industry is always changing.  As a professional I need to stay up on the most current fitness findings and then pass on the information to you.  I just couldn't let one more day go by without covering a few topics..  If you have said, thought or event justified any of the information below, call me immediately.  We need to talk.  Enjoy

Common Misconceptions about diet/ fitness and weight loss.

  • At my gym they have free weights, so I took them. 
  • Every time I get the urge to exercise, I lie down till the feeling passes.
  • I want to get a six-pack and know exactly what to do, head straight to the grocery store and head down the drink aisle!
  • The older you get, the tougher it is to lose weight because by then, your body and your fat are really good friends.
  • Flexibility is overrated.  If God had wanted me to touch my toes He would have put them up higher on my body.
  • I'm in shape. Round is a shape.
  • Chocolate is a vegetable. How, you ask? Chocolate is derived from cacao beans. Bean = vegetable. Sugar is derived from either sugar CANE or sugar BEETS. Both are plants, which places them in the vegetable category. Thus, chocolate is a vegetable.
  • Whole Cookies are fattening.  Just have a piece of cookie -- the process of breaking causes fat leakage.


  1. Those are not misconceptions. They are pure, undisputed fact, my friend!

  2. I agree with Karen and I have many years of experience to back me up!